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Xiaowuji North Rd., Chaoyang District, Beijing。

( Beijing Happy Valley,北京欢乐谷 )

Subway line 7 get off at Happy Valley Scenic Area station exit B. Located in Beijing Happy Valley.北京欢乐谷

东四环四方桥 东南角 金蝉西路 北京欢乐谷 广场上 华侨城大剧院

Show Time

every day 17:30




Chinese Kung Fu Show

Red Theatre


Full Price 200/280/380/480/880

Discount Price 140/190/260/330/600


Liyuan Theater Opera

Liyuan Theatre

Beijing Opera

Full Price 200/280/380/480/580

Discount Price 100/120/180/300/400


Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatic

Full Price 280/380/480/580


Discount Price 220/300/380/460











Beijing OCT Theatre


With light shining upon it, the OCT Theatre (华侨城大剧院) looks like a crystal palace. It is not only an architecture feat following the National Theatre, but also a great brilliant pearl of the Happy Valley inlaid in the cultural soil of Beijing city.


After its construction, it has be the center for Beijing's cultural life and artistic exchange, providing world-class operas, dances, movies and music shows. It also be the landmark cultural architecture in Beijing. OCT Theater, set for completion by the summer of 2007, will display an unparalleled show ''The Golden Mask Dynasty''.





Notice to audience :

1 , the audience should have a valid admission ticket in advance in sequence , and the number of seated, late Spectators wait at the door , guided by the staff entrance , quiet seat.

2 , disheveled who declined admission. Do not take pictures during the performance , video and sound recording , please keep quiet in the theater , do not make much noise , noisy .

3 , Do not food , beverages, chewing gum into the theater , a children's play by purchase , holding a baby, who declined to enter the theater.

4 , the theater prohibit carry flammable , hazardous explosive materials , contaminated items and other public safety items admission , No pets allowed admission.

5 , during the show 's phone and other communication tools to adjust muted , so as not to influence others to watch the show .

6 , during the show , do not walk around, and please consciously with the guidance of the staff within the theater. Do not enter the area of non- viewers .

7 , please consciously abide by the theater of public order and safeguard public health within the theater . The theater smoking , offenders will be advised to leave the theater .

8 , outside the park to buy tickets at the audience , for entering the Happy Valley park, require separate tickets.

9 , buy tickets at the park visitors , with day tickets at the watermark and the fluorescence from the theater after the show are available at the park exit into the Happy Valley park again.

10 , the theater offers hat , bag storage services , declined bulky bags into the theater.
































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