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OCT theater Xiaowuji North Rd., Chaoyang District, Beijing。

( Beijing Happy Valley,北京欢乐谷 )

Subway line 7 get off at Happy Valley Scenic Area station exit B. Located in Beijing Happy Valley.北京欢乐谷

东四环四方桥 东南角 金蝉西路 北京欢乐谷 广场上 华侨城大剧院

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Chinese Kung Fu Show

Red Theatre


Full Price 200/280/380/480/880

Discount Price 140/190/260/330/600


Liyuan Theater Opera

Liyuan Theatre

Beijing Opera

Full Price 200/280/380/480/580

Discount Price 100/120/180/300/400


Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatic


Full Price 280/380/480/580


Discount Price 220/300/380/460





























Golden Mask Dynasty Show Introduction


An original Chinese drama play, 'The Golden Mask Dynasty' was sponsored by Overseas Chinese Town, OCT, which invested 200 million yuan into building the Beijing OCT Theater for the play. The play has eight chapters and included more than 200 actors from China and abroad. Produced by Chinese playwrights, directors and designers, the play features Chinese dances, acrobatics, costumes, and lighting and acoustics.



OCT Theatre Golden Mask Dynasty Show list full price and our discount price:

Classification of seat
Ticket Office List Price
Our Discount price
D area (Yellow Zone)
RMB 280
RMB 180
C area ( Blue Zone)
RMB 380
RMB 220
B area (Red Zone)
RMB 480
RMB 320
A area (Pink Zone)
RMB 580
RMB 400
VIP area (green Zone)
RMB 880
RMB 580

Show Time :every day 17:30--18:30


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Fairy-tale Legend


This is a Chinese tail, an ancient romantic legend, the fragment of distant historical memory -- The beautiful Golden Mask Queen leading her just army defeated the invading Blue Mask and also made the acquaintance of him. The post-war Golden Mask Dynasty returned to its leisurely pastoral life. To ask bless for the Golden Mask Dynasty, the Queen decided to forge the ''mysterious tree''. When the tree grew up, the Queen held a grand celebration and released the Blue soldiers. The Blue Mask King was deeply moved by the Queen's tolerance, the same to the Queen by his braveness, so it witnessed their great admiration and love.


Monstrous floods stroke the kingdom and left it at risk. To save the people, the Queen, under the guidance of the mysterious tree, sacrificed herself. The Golden Mask Queen had to say farewell to the Blue Mask King. The flood gradually subsided, and the people were rescued. The Blue Mask King and the people had endless loving thought of the Queen, and the Queen turned into a golden sunbird flying in the sky above her hometown, blessing the long-lasting well-being of the dynasty





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